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Listed below are the courses that we have available and that will continue to grow in the future

Mini-Course "From Pews to Pixels: A Transformative Journey into Artificial Intelligence for the African American Faith Community"

Step into the future of faith with "From Pews to Pixels," an innovative course designed to explore the powerful intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the African American Church. In this transformative journey, participants will embark on a unique exploration of cutting-edge technologies that can enhance and enrich the spiritual experience, community outreach, and leadership within African American ministries.

Super Mini-Course Humanism During the Renaissance

Three powerful lessons on the birth of Humanism during the period of the Renaissance.

A Super Mini-Course The Rise of Scholasticism

Three Lessons that will take you on an exciting journey into the rise of formal education by the church following the first millennium AD that resulted in the birth of liberal arts education. You will study the likes of Anselm, Abelhard, Lombard and Aquinas

Our Flagship Course

Here is our best selling course designed for individuals who are either preparing for the episcopacy or are currently in the episcopacy but want a firm academic foundation for what they do in the office of a bishop.  It is self paced and affordable.

Graduate Certificate of Episcopal Studies

This learning platform has been designed for persons preparing to be consecrated to the office of "Bishop" or those who are operating in the office but would like to have a firm scholastic foundation for doing so.

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